What is the best iPhone ever! 6s Plus is only No. 2

What is the best iPhone ever! 6s Plus is only No. 2

iPhone 6s

On January 9, 2017 will fulfill a decade after the launch of the first iPhone! Have appeared since then another 12!
In the past 9 ½ years, Apple has changed the way they look mobile phone with the advent of the first iPhone. Followed upgrades, faster processors and more powerful cameras, better batteries and displays larger.

iPhone 6sHowever, smartphones have reached saturation and, as a consequence, Apple recorded their first year-on-year decline in selling iPhone. An interesting way to see the progress iPhone all models is to be put next to each other.

The video created by EvertythingApplePro do exactly that. Show speed all iPhones and demonstrates that each model was faster than its predecessor. Thus, the first iPhone SE is all chapters. For example, he is the one who starts fastest, followed by iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus 6s. However, the order is not kept until the end – the original iPhone is the 7th and last is the iPhone 4s.

Geekbench test determined that the iPhone is the most powerful of all and it has the most powerful speaker.

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