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Pokemon Go Gameplay

Pokemon Go Gameplay

Once captured, the Pokemon will appear in Pokedex but also an inventory you will be able to see statistics about life skills and power. There you will be able to evolve pokemon. To increase the rank of a pokemon, you must have special candy for each. They get Pokemon capturing more of the same. You can also get candy and transferring Pokemon Dr. Willow.


For example, if you miss more, you can hold the most powerful (at the Combat Strength higher) and the rest of them can transfer as it can perform on the left. Every time you capture Pokemon or evolve, get experience and grow in level. As you progress, you’ll discover pokemon that it will become more diverse and stronger and you will have access to various more advanced equipment. In addition, once reached level five, you will be able to join a team (Yellow, Red or Blue) and you can start to fight with other players at gyms (Gym).


These halls are controlled by enemies and you have to choose Pokemon that his throw into battle with those left to watch over the place. If you manage to beat all pokemon from a workout room and reputation subtract them enough, you will control you and you will get money (coins) for it.

Do not forget to stop by Pokestop sites, that you eat with regenarare pokebile and potions, and eggs. Linked to eggs, you have incubators where you can sit and place for them to get Pokemon us. How hatches? Going. Under each egg write how many kilometers you need to break them, and I advise you to concentrate on those with 5 or 10 kilometers, given that pokemon eggs 2 kilometers are weak and will probably already in your inventory . These are just basic tips and strategies you will discover during the game. First, expect to walk long distances on foot. The game knows when you travel by car or public transport, based on the speed with which you move. What this means? If you want to advance and have a considerable collection of monsters could wake up with pain. The folks at Gizmodo have made a collection of tweets published by those who want to become pokemon masters. In this, they complain of sore muscles and tendons pain. “I did a bike ride for an hour yesterday for pokemon go pokecoins cheats, and now my feet hurt. I stopped the bike four or five years, “says one player. “The feet and legs hurt me very much of Pokemon Go.

I slept only one hour, but I took a training room and raised five levels, so it was a good day, “says Nalan player. Most tweets talking about leg pain, and realize that some users are not in the best shape they have sore muscles from walking for hours. Secondly, Pokemon Go consumes a lot of battery. Needing a permanent Internet connection and GPS, you should not surprise anyone this. Especially if we consider that progress is recorded only while the application is running on the screen. A tip would be to disable the augmented reality. It uses the camera and the energy consumed and he pretty phone. It recommended players to download Pokemon Go on Google maps and use them offline. Apparently, after trying the method, more people have discovered a remarkable improvement. That does not mean that the battery survives more than six hours of continuous use, but for a hardcore fan, every minute can mean an extra pokemon.

How to get the greatest master “Pokemon Go” of all time

If you have noticed this before, you certainly will soon see people stick their faces phone more than usual, people taking all sorts of routes senseless along the streets or punching the phone frantically parking or gatherings near the police station, all the while muttering to themselves must catch them all. Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality game of the Niatic Labs, is scheduled to launch in more countries in the near future, as soon as the company will solve the problem servers that exploded. Given the popularity of the game, the competition to become the greatest Pokémon Master of all time is closer than ever. There are several key points that you should know before you venture Pokemon Go.

How do you get the app

The first challenge faced by the players, including those from the UK and Europe, is that the game might not be available in those countries. Of course, for users of Android, this is easily overcome by downloading a mirror copy of the application and run your own risk. This version was distributed long enough, even the Guardian newspaper published a tutorial steps. For those who have had iPhone is as easy: the game can be purchased if you log out of Apple account, change settings region for the United States and thus have access to the App Store in the States. Once your device is equipped with software virtual catching creatures, it’s just a matter of set up your profile and go through a short tutorial of the game. Warning: Since this game has already been released in other countries and has an impressive number of downloads, desired username is probably already taken, so you’ll have to make some compromises.

How to catch them all  

Now you see the small blue boxes discarded by the world. Pokestop are called and if you go past them and move your fingers properly, will draw all sorts of things to help you catch Pokemon and cure. If a pokestop happens to be in a prohibited place and a guard coming at you to get you out the shots (in the real world, that should pull the nose of the phone and check), tell him that you just left to tighten some poke-balls. When thrown, they open and catch wild creatures, ready to fight with other Pokemon. The process of capturing and fights are crucial to progress your game. To fast forward it’s important to know some basic things about locations and items. First, if you see the grass move game, then you are more likely to come across a pokemon.

If a creature is around, a wise hunter knows to consult the chart in the upper right of the screen. The graph shows you what kind of Pokemon are the neighborhood and about how far it is. If there are two footprints means that you close, one step must prepare your poke-ball and scratch marks, your creature is certainly scope for catching and you can get in the way of predator and capture Pokémon containment sphere. If you want to look a certain pokemon, it’s good to know that they are based on evidence and tend to occur in areas with appropriate elements such as near lakes, grass, volcanoes. Also, various Pokemon appear at different times, so if you want to catch a Haunter or Golbez’s better to go out at night with some supplies you.