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Month: June 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Come up with something really new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Even at first glance the differences from the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. After the radical change the design of its predecessor, it is no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S7 retains much of its features. However, there are many ossues that the South Korean manufacturer has managed or at least tried to improve from several news for the reintroduction screen and microSD card slot up to the camera that promises superior performance in low light.


Unlike last year, Samsung has almost not changed the recipe design, so S7 has a metal frame that combines the two sides of glass. However, the edges are more rounded and less sharp to ensure a more comfortable rest. Basically, here we are dealing with a classic design intermediary between S6 and S6 Edge curved the screen.

On the back, the camera sensow stands out not so pronounced element contributing to a more elegant design and the phone has received certification of IP68 for suat and water resistance.

Unfortunately, we have no part and USB Type – C, which would have allowed any cable connection and charging your hand in a shorter time.
The screen is the main difference between S7 and S7 Edge. Thus, S7 relies on a SuperAMOLED display diagonal of 5.1 and a resolution QHD, while S7 Edge has the same features at a diagonal of 5.5”. Of course, Edge has curved edges of the screen in a way more aggressive than the “classic” S7, an issue which we liked very much when we tested Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Like LG G5, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge uses the feature Always on, which allows you to view time, date and notifications for emails, call or other applications even when the screen is off. SuperAmoled Technology enables very low power consumption for this functio, and another advantage is that the screen turns off completely when you put the phone in your pocket. Samsung has opted for the strongest when is chose Qualcomm chipset hardware platform, the more so nice it is made even the South Korean manufacturer.

We are talking of course about Snapdragon 820, with dual 2.15 GHz processor Kryo of dual – core 1.6 GHz Kryo, plus Andreno 530 graphics and 4GB Ram. It is however important to note that in some markets, mainly in Asia, S7 will be available with Exynos 8890 chipset owner, in which case octa – core processor encounter a Mali – T880 graphics and MP12. Interestingly, at least in benchmark test, Exynos chipset has achieved better results than the one supplied by Qualcomm. Internal memory starts at 32 GB, but the novelty is the reappearance micro SD card slot, with which it can be extended.
One of the main criticisms of its predecessor Galaxy S6 was using a 2600 mAh battery only. But Samsung has responded promptly and corrected the error in the new Galaxy S7, which relies on a Li-Po 3000 mAh capacity. In addition, Edge version has a 3,600 mAh battery.

Basically, a normal user mode, the two smartphones should provide a range of one day, maybe more if you do not use the phone too intense. Marshmallow Android 6.0 operating system is proprietary TouchWiz interface accompanied by, which includes several interesting options, but it is not pleasing to all users in terms of design. In addition, the number remains about significant proprietary applications, despite a “cleanliness” achieved especially after the introduction of Galaxy S6.

Celebrities Talk About Lady Gaga

Celebrities Talk About Lady Gaga

Hello dear friends that we will talk about concerts and must be arranged so as not to be detected by terrorists. There are many celebrities that concerts were canceled because secret services have detected interference terrorists. Nowadays there is this problem and lately their numbers in Europe rose states. Many people died from these unforeseen events. I chose to discuss this matter and follow some important concerts of international celebrities who have millions of fans worldwide. It can imagine what it means to resemble an event due terrorists spend such a large concert.


Many celebrities refuse to have concert in this period because threats terrorists. In these cases I believe that events such as shows, concerts must be conducted with the help ministries must be in guarding event. Laws must be respected and are divided into two sections: outdoor events and events inside the building. If outdoor events with a capacity greater than 200 seats fold suited commercial area developed more than 2500 square meters is necessary to obtain various approvals and especially security and planning the event must be accepted by the artists who participate .

The events that are happening inside the building, if they fall within the crowded spaces must obtain authorization from firefighters and other services dealing with these things. You have to respect that because each of us could be one victim of terrorist attack. I chose to talk about concerts because to gather a lot of people and are the most wanted terrorists.

I got some great interviews with international celebrities or complained about this. Local authorities are not competent to arrange a concert. Lady Gaga says that will take a break until things settle because they do not want to put their fans in danger. The singer gives fans an opportunity to communicate via mobile messaging. In other words Lady Gaga Phone Number offers a special for the fans available around the clock and you can ask him all sorts of questions. Regarding the next concert he said he would be in New York because it is one of the safest places in the world and this does not put their fans in danger.

Stadiums are used to organize events that are very large and do not have to arrange your investment very high. I can talk and work with major celebrities on this website by many celebrities who have agreed to provide phone number. When entering the site must tap the category that are in total 4 Fashion Celebrities, Movie Celebrities, Music Celebrities, Sports Celebrities, Other Celebrities. These categories were created for fans to be very easy to obtain phone number. You can communicate with your favorite celebrities of and through social networks, but is a little harder. To do this you must track the hours that the stars are online to answer your questions. There are many new topics that you can share with the celebrities they sympathized therefore not hesitate to communicate with them. There must think everything the media says because a lot of information is false or unrelated stars.

Skype Essentials for Android Phone

Skype Essentials for Android Phone

Hello dear friends! Today I want to talk about Skype. I guess each of you have a Skype account, be it with friends or want to talk or to meet with someone who is not fate in the city. With Skype is easier to see, you can add up to 25 friends in the group to talk video, and chat can add up to 300 friends, all of them free.


With Skype you can send photos, music, video messages, your location, plus you very nice and inspired emoticons. Skype appeared in 2003 in Luxembourg. It has done very quickly noticed, and september 2005 Skype was bought for $ 2.6 billion by eBay company. In May 2011, Microsoft bought Skype 8.5 billion. Skype has enjoyed an unexampled success, and even today he wins many users.

With Skype you can talk to all your friends who are either abroad or in another city near you very easy and free. Many users use when playing, because it is easier to communicate.

Me and my team we decided to create an application that can be e = olos sip skype, not just on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. Our application Phone Tracker lets you know exactly where the location of a person you want to monitor or simply are curious to see where it is. For example, if you have children and you have the phone operating system Android, iOS or Windows you can find out where it goes and if it is safe. If you have suspicions about her husband or boyfriend, our app is just good to be convinced, and he will never realize.


The application is very easy to use and does not have much storage space. It is completely clean, there is no virus or anything that would affect the device you install. It is available on any operating system as long as the component has Gps.

All you have to do is download the application by our site, to enable GPS, select the person you want to follow or add phone number or select it by skype, facebook, whatsapp, instagram or any another social networking site, and the application will immediately shows the location where the person is.

Our application does not require any cost, do not consume a lot of power and is very easy to use if you have GPS enabled. Pursued person will never know and do not suspect anything when you locate or track and not have to worry, as it does not will never know.

So if you have suspicions against her husband or boyfriend, if you want to know where you are children or simply want to know where he was an acquaintance, you are where you, our app gives you all these possibilities, so do not hesitate to download .

You’ll be very pleased with the results and you’ll get rid of any doubt or concern. We offer our application with confidence and hope you enjoy the results, as other users have been very satisfied. We look forward to writing about the outcome. We wish you a pleasant day!